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(pronounced why – you –call – TEE- ah)

the most innovative Latin American-folk-jazz fusion band performing today.  

“Passionate, sensual and exotic, Huayucaltia mesh various traditional Latin American rhythms and melodies into a distinct, modern sound unlike the music of any particular culture or time.”  Nashville Banner


The sound of Huayucaltia (pronounced why-yoo-cal-tee-ah) is a fusion of the Andean, Afro-American, Jazz, Classical and Rock influences each group member brings to the band. Their name inspired by the Nahuatl word huayolcayotl, (which means kinship; unity and brotherhood) is what best defines their endeavor: to bring together diverse cultural experiences in order to create new musical expressions.
Playing both indigenous and contemporary instruments, their compositions take the listener on a timeless journey of sounds and rhythms, through the jungles and rivers of the Amazon, and high into the Andes.
The group got together in 1985 in Los Angeles, California, where they have acquired a large and loyal audience. The group has toured throughout the West Coast, Southeast and Midwest of the United States, as well as Perú. 

Ciro Hurtado

Ciro Hurtado is a guitarist-composer born in Perú. He arrived in the USA in 1975 where he studied guitar at the Guitar Institute of Technology.
Ciro is one of the founding members and currently the musical director of the acclaimed Latin American ensemble Huayucaltia. As a solo artist he has produced and recorded six albums where he leads a Latin Jazz band comprised of top L.A. musicians. His album “Guitarrista” was nominated for “Best Instrumental Album” of 2009 by the ZMR. In 2012, his solo guitar recording “Los Angeles Blues” was nominated “Best World Music Album” by the ZMR. He was awarded the prestigious Durfee Master Musician Fellowship in 2001 and 2004.
Ciro has scored and participated musically in various feature films and documentaries such as "Baraka," "Dead Women in Lingerie," "Max is Missing," "Hope Street," "Monsters," “Peru: The Royal Tour,” "From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks."
At the time of this writing, he is presenting his latest project "One Guitar, Many Stories." Each of his compositions is paired with a story to illustrate the cultural and social contexts which bring his music to life. From "La Negra Tomasa," which talks about Afro Peruvian cultures, to "Ayahuasca," where Ciro narrates his personal trip to a jungle shaman healer, to "Los Angeles Blues" which illustrates the immigrant experience, the music and stories keep his audience captivated.

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