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Russian Carousel

Russian Carousel features 15 traditional selections.

Russian Carousel; Under the Apple Tree; At the Blacksmith's Shop; On the Hills of Manchuria; Karapyet; Oh, You Dark-eyed Girl; Woolen Boots; Evening Bells; Oh, You Birch Tree; I am Sitting on the Hill; Play, My Bagpipe; At the Valley; The Flowers Have Blossomed; Neopolitan Dance; Two Guitars.


Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only is still available on cassette or vinyl ( yes, records ! ) with 13 selections.

Brightly Shines the Moon; A Crimean Town; Russian Sailor's Dance; Yiddish Lullaby; Golden Strings; Hungarian Medley; Ukrainian Wedding Song; In the Field a Birch Tree Stands; Russian Sailor's Dance; Farewell My Gypsy Camp; Ukrainian Song; Caucasian Medley; Those Were the Days.


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